Afrost (Association for Promotion of Free and Open-Source Technologies) was born out of the need create India's future leaders in Free & Open Source Softare by supporting and sustaining the communities and their culture.

We are a group of FOSS enthusiasts who have gained a lot from living and learning in these communities. Afrost is our way of giving back and helping to sustain and grow such communities.

You may be an individual trying to build new skills, enthusiasts who want to organise a small community meet up or a team organising workshops and conferences, the Afrost team can help.

  • Finding & Connecting with Mentors.
  • Managing finances & logistics for events.
  • Building a team and contribute to Open Source projects.
  • and more...

Our Vision

Building sustainable Communities

Our Mission

Build and support Free and open source software Communities

Our Objectives

Create an ecosystem for free and open source developers to learn and grow.